The only thing more satisfying than drinking wine...

is discovering it

Jerry Greenfield is The Wine Whisperer

An experienced wine educator and presenter, Jerry offers educational,
entertaining wine seminars, trains restaurant wait staffs, blogs and writes
regular columns for several magazines and newspapers, consults with
restaurants on their wine selections, and has published several books.
     He also hosts wine tastings for parties in private homes, and at
        many charity events. His audio-visual presentations on wine
          appreciation are widely viewed.

Jerry "de-mystifies" the subject of wine and his writings and
  live presentations offer useful hints, tips, and information
    that add elegance and fun to every lifestyle.

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Read Jerry's new book:

Secrets of the Wine Whisperer

Or, How I Learned to Drink Wine and Found Ecstasy, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Life and Salvation

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Latest Blog Post

Discovering New Regions--and New Wines

The Pleasures of Paso Robles

In early May of 2018, I joined a gaggle of wine journalists from Florida on a private tour of California’s Paso Robles wine region, and it was a revelation.  Guided by Chris Taranto of the Winegrowers Alliance, we spent four days visiting vineyards and wineries throughout the expansive area, and what a delightful surprise it was.  Of course, I was somewhat familiar with this part of California, but an in-depth guided tour, and the opportunity to tastes dozens of wines, was a real eye-opener.

First of all, “El Paso de Robles” (which means the Pass of the Oaks) is located about halfway between Santa Barbara an...
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