The only thing more satisfying than drinking wine...

is discovering it

Jerry Greenfield is The Wine Whisperer

An experienced public speaker and wine educator, not a stuffy sommelier,
Jerry makes great wine easy and fun to understand and

Jerry knows that the world of wine can be intimidating and even
  mysterious. But he "de-mystifies" the subject and offers useful hints,
    tips, and information that add elegance and fun to every lifestyle.

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Secrets of the Wine Whisperer

Or, How I Learned to Drink Wine and Found Ecstasy, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Life and Salvation

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Latest Blog Post

What's Up with Portugal?

Heady reds, that's what.

Since about forever, the Portuguese who live up north along the Douro River have been making legendary wine; almost all of them are Port.  That’s okay, because vintage Port is highly prized, and the British have been swigging so much of the stuff that several of them bought into the Port winemaking business a few hundred years ago.

Port is one of the most manipulated wines, right up there along Champagne.  Fortunately, the Portuguese have started making unmanipulated wines:  hearty reds from the same traditional grapes.

The names are not easy to remember, because you don’t hear them every day like ...
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